Yes, it’s now possible to play Skyrim on the Oculus Rift using free software! I’ve just set up Skyrim with Vireio Perception 2.0, and it’s a pretty remarkable experience.

Vireio Perception has some great documentation, particularly for an open-source project: well done them. However, there are a couple of non-obvious gotchas that aren’t listed in the FAQ that I thought I’d write up.

Getting the Shadows Working

If you’re seeing flickering shadows in Skyrim, the Vireio FAQ mentions that you need to set bDeferredShadows=0 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini file.

However, one problem I hit was that despite having only a single SkyrimPrefs file, I still had terrible flickery shadows.

The solution? The second SkyrimPrefs.ini file is tucked away rather obscurely in /Documents/MyGames/Skyrim . Look in that location if you’re having problems, and edit your SkyrimPrefs.ini there too.

Also, make sure to capitalise the line properly, or it won’t work.

HUD Tweaking

My experience was that you don’t really need to use a custom mod for your HUD – however, to make it more visible, you can add the following lines to your SkyrimPrefs file (or, as the case may be, both of them):





This uses Skyrim’s safe zone functionality (designed for running on TVs with a variable portion of the screen visible after the bevel) to shrink the UI down a bit.


The default guide suggests changing your FOV at the console. While that works, you have to do it every time you start Skyrim.

To make things easier, add


to your SkyrimPrefs.ini . Various people suggest 90 or 108 as the sweet spot – experiment in-game, then add the number to your prefs file.

Power Your Thu’um With Your Voice

This one’s strictly optional, but it’s the first thing I thought of when I started VRing Skyrim.

If you’ve got a mic and want to add an additional layer of immersion, you can add a mod which lets you use your Dragon Shouts with your microphone.

The mod is called Skyrim Voice Commands . Only for use if you have understanding neighbours!

And that’s it! Got any more tips for Skyrim on the Rift, or having any problems this guide doesn’t solve?

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